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An interior designer, an author, and a ghostwriter who loves her world. A lover of all the things creative. A letter, a written thing, a color, a pattern, and a contemplation lover. I think and imagine whatever I would like to, but I do something worthwhile and ignore everything useless and meaningless. I place the essence of my soul wherever I find the deepest serenity. An out-of-the-box thinker. Welcome to my site!



If you have any further comments or questions, please feel free to drop me a line :


I am only an interior designer, an author, and a ghostwriter. My full name is Mirna Aulia only. There are many people who have the same name with me both on social medias and on search engines.

If you find the same names by searching on the search engines, I AM NOT  MIRNA AULIA WHO IS WORKING at these fields: forestry, dentistry, pharmacy, political parties, biology, forestry research, ministry of forestry, and/or agriculture.

I prefer to keep friendship with real people on the real world. So, I am neither a Facebook user nor a Twitter user nor a Path user nor a Linkedin user, nor an Instagram user. I only have four social media accounts (click the red highlighted texts below):

Hanya seorang desainer interior, seorang penulis, dan seorang ghostwriter. Bernama lengkap hanya Mirna Aulia. Ada banyak orang yang memiliki nama yang sama dengan penulis, baik di media-media sosial maupun di mesin-mesin pencari (Google, Yahoo, dll).

Apabila Anda menjumpai nama-nama yang sama melalui pencarian di mesin-mesin pencari, penulis BUKAN Mirna Aulia yang bekerja atau berkecimpung di bidang-bidang: kehutanan, kedokteran gigi, farmasi, partai politik, biologi, riset-riset kehutanan beserta institusinya, dan atau pertanian.

Penulis BUKAN pengguna Facebook, BUKAN pengguna Twitter, BUKAN pengguna Path, BUKAN pengguna Linkedin, BUKAN pengguna Instagram. Penulis hanya memiliki empat akun sosial media seperti berikut (silakan klik tautan link akun-akun di bawah ini):




CNN iReport

Other accounts with the same name are NOT mine.

Akun-akun lain dengan nama yang sama BUKAN AKUN PENULIS.

I NEVER give my personal phone number to any reader of my website. I only communicate with my reader through this website or by email at mirnaa.aulia@gmail.com.

Penulis TIDAK pernah memberikan (mempublikasikan) nomor kontak pribadi penulis. Penulis hanya berkomunikasi dengan para pembaca melalui website ini atau melalui email penulis di mirnaa.aulia@gmail.com


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ― Rumi


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