5 convenient traveling and tour tips in Indonesia ⇒ Indonesia has many exotic destinations to visit. If you plan to visit Indonesia, before entering Indonesian territory, make sure all your travel documents are valid so as you don’t get into any difficulty pertaining to your immigration checking process. In addition, NEVERRead More →

How to Distinguish Authentic and Fake Hare Lipstick

How to distinguish authentic and fake Hare Lipstick. Hare lipstick is a unique lipstick. This lipstick has a bright green color that will turn into delicate pink color when it is applied to the lips, giving a slightly reddish color but still looks natural on the lips. In Indonesia, thisRead More →

A prologue of Donkey Saga as a reflection. Remember a tale about a father and his son who wanted to go to the land of the Middle of Nowhere by riding their donkey. They wanted to meet the banquet invitation from a great king of that land. At first, theRead More →

Scandalmongers, the people who spread rumors or malicious gossips are very dangerous. Because the ultimate aims of scandalmongers are to destroy someone’s dignity and hurt someone’s self-esteem, also hurt another person’s heart. Some reasons why scandalmongers spread the slanders are the result of resentment, envy and jealousy, prolonged anger andRead More →

Cara Lebih Mudah Menemukan Artikel Pilihan Anda di Website Ini If you have any difficulties to find your chosen articles here, you can find it easier by selecting one of the categories in the hidden area on the left of this website. To display the hidden area, you need toRead More →

How to Distinguish Authentic and Fake Hare Lipstick

Skin Type : Dry/ Dehydrated Read the Indonesian Translation by Clicking Here. Today, I will review my favourite skin moisturiser, Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser. Actually, I have been using this moisturiser for more than one year but I had not had an opportunity to write the review. And now, here’s theRead More →