5 convenient traveling and tour tips in Indonesia ⇒ Indonesia has many exotic destinations to visit. If you plan to visit Indonesia, before entering Indonesian territory, make sure all your travel documents are valid so as you don’t get into any difficulty pertaining to your immigration checking process.

In addition, NEVER argue with immigration officers unless you have something very urgent and absolutely necessary to say! You visit Indonesia as a guest so as you should respect Indonesian laws and regulations as you would probably expect if Indonesians visit your country. Keep in mind, also, that while you are within the territorial jurisdiction of Indonesia, you are subject to Indonesian laws.

Apart from travel documents, there are some important things you have to know so that you can avoid some potential inconvenience while traveling in Indonesia. Now, I am going to explain the 5 convenient traveling and tour tips in Indonesia.


In Public Restrooms

Convenient traveling and tour tips in Indonesia ⇒ Speaking about public restrooms in Indonesia, you can easily find the clean restrooms if you stay at the star rating hotels or if you are at the high end shopping malls. However, if you are not in those places, you are suggested to be more scrupulous in choosing the restroom you will use. In addition, you need to bring your own personal hygiene tools in case you have to use public restrooms. The mandatory tools to bring are disinfectant wipes, toilet papers, alcohol hand sanitizers (gels) with no less than 60% of alcohol in the composition, toilet seat sanitizers, and disposable toilet seat covers.

For your information, many public restrooms in Indonesia, particularly in the big cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, and Denpasar have indeed seated toilets. But, many local people are still not accustomed to use the seated toilet in a proper way since they got used to using squat toilets for a long time. Because of that, many of them often treat a seated toilet like a squat toilet. For example, squat on the toilet seat when using seated toilets. It will undoubtedly make the toilet seat dirty and unhealthy.


If You Have Connecting Flights

Convenient traveling and tour tips in Indonesia ⇒ If this is your first visit or you have not been familiar with the airport transit situation, pay attention strictly on your connecting flight’s departure time. You may miss your next flight due to very long queue at check in counters or because you need more time to find your next boarding gate. Some airports in Indonesia are pretty well-known as very busy airports, while some others may have no effective direction signs to assist you in finding your next boarding gate. You will be more convenient if your transit time is approximately 150 minutes or more. So, for the sake of your convenience, select the flight plan that has sufficient transit time.


If You Are on Road Trips

Convenient traveling and tour tips in Indonesia ⇒ While you are on road trips (by bus or train), make sure to store your valuables (wallets/ purses, money, debit/credit cards, and travel documents) in the pockets of your jacket or in your waist bag. Don’t store them in your backpack that you place on the upper compartment of your bus or train. Furthermore, NEVER receive any drink offered by the strangers who sit around you although they look very nice and friendly. Notice the people sitting around you. Don’t sleep too deep in public transportations. Also, NEVER leave your valuables on your seat (unattended) while you are going to the toilet. Bring always your valuables with you wherever you go. Keep in mind that you are not in Switzerland, nor in Dubai.


If You Want To Buy Foods at Tourist Areas

Convenient traveling and tour tips in Indonesia ⇒ Are you hungry or thirsty? There are many cafes, food stalls, and snack bars at tourist spots with various kinds of menus. But, before you order your chosen menu, read the price listed on the menu book. If you can find the price on the menu lists then continue your order process.

Inversely, if you cannot find the price, you have to ask the exact price of your chosen menu before you order it. Why? In some tourist spots, there are some food stalls and snack bars that intentionally don’t declare the price on their menu books. If you order it without asking the price first, they may increase the price later on the bill and you finally have to pay more than you should pay. So, ask the price before you order it.

Suggestion: select cafes, food stalls, and snack bars that declare the price of their menus clearly. A good cafe, food stall, and snack bar always declare the price of their menus clearly.


If You Want To Buy Souvenirs

Convenient traveling and tour tips in Indonesia ⇒ Do you want to buy souvenirs for your family or your loved one? You can buy those at fixed price souvenir stores if price doesn’t matter for you since it will be more expensive, but it’s a very straightforward buying process. Just select your chosen souvenirs, pay, and bring home your souvenirs.

Conversely, if you look for a cheaper price for the same quality or item then go to street souvenir kiosks. Such kiosks are usually without fixed price tags so as it’s basically not a straightforward process since the prices are not fixed. Your expertise in bargaining is required here.

The tips: you can bid half the price offered by sellers. If the seller refuses to lower the price, you can raise your bid price a little bit. Don’t immediately agree with the price offered by the seller. Try to obtain a lower price if you buy souvenirs or stuffs at street souvenir kiosks with NO fixed price tags. The lower the price, the better it is for you. The ideal final price is approximately 30 – 40% lower than the price offered by sellers, but not always.

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